Coach Miller's Guide and Workbook to Life
and Success by Michael Miller, M. Ed., M.S., Ph.D.


Coach Miller s Guide and Workbook to Life and Success is filled with wisdom and philosophy much needed for a successful life. What follows is gathered from years of practical study and achievement in coaching and teaching and can be applied to coaching, business, life and relationships of many types and kinds. This is a workbook and is meant to be used as an interactive exercise in self- improvement as well as an important and valuable learning tool on many levels.


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Shike: Time of the Dragons
by Robert Shea


Beautiful young Taniko struggles under oppression as the mistress of the cruel Kublai Khan, and Jebu, a young monk, is transformed into a fierce warrior, in a saga of the ancient Orient during a time of bloodshed and magic.

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And What Is Hell?
by Dorothy Ramsey
and Michael Miller (editor)

pyramid press and what is hell?

Paperback – January 30, 2016
by Dorothy Ramsey (Author, Editor), Michael Miller (Editor),
Delfina Marquez-Noe

A True Story: Exposing The Dark Secrets Of The Insane Asylum I did not know it was hell until that first night!A place of cruel torture, of starvation, of murder, of flagrant injustice, of hatred, of despair, of envy. As Told By Sara Ramsey And Written By Dorothy Ramsey Sara and James, who with all their hungry souls sought the truth and understanding of God s Words, (as evidenced by her poetry throughout the book), were apprehended on December 18, 1912, judged and committed without a trial or defense for being impoverished street preachers and for living together while not being legally married by the laws of man. They were sent to Patton State Hospital, then known as The Insane Asylum, in San Bernardino County, California. At the time qualifying afflictions included: religious excitement, spiritualism, worry, overwork, love affairs, seduction, alcoholism, drug and tobacco abuse, privation, politics, asthma, desertion by husband, grief, change of life and old age. Whether sent by a judge or family member, the poor unfortunates institutionalized lost every freedom and were deprived of human rights and dignity. The horrors were indelibly impressed in Sara s mind. She felt if she told her story it could save others from anguish and torment. This story is important because people are important. How we treat the young, the elderly, weak, vulnerable, mentally ill or physically ill, the poor and homeless is ultimately a true reflection of our


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The Christ Mind
by William S. Hyatt, D.D.


Paperback – October 6, 2016
by William S. Hyatt (Author), Delfina Marquez-Noe (Editor, Illustrator)    

The Christ Mind is God s greatest gift to humankind. The Christ Mind is that part of each person which is the essence of Christ. It contains unlimited power, love, and creative force. Every person has the Christ Mind within, but few men and women are aware of it s presence or know how to utilize its greatness. When an individual remembers his true identity, and through proper teaching and techniques learn how to connect to their divine nature they will free themselves from frustration, despair, loneliness and insecurity. 

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Shike: Last of the Zinia
by Robert Shea


In thirteenth-century Japan, the Red Banner of the ruling Takashi dynasty was stained with the blood of the people. The eternal love of the warrior monk Jebu and the lovely Taniko had been thwarted by the will of the gods and winds of battle. Now the Zinja monk and his brilliant commande, Yukio, rally Muratomo clan's forces, to wage again the War of the Dragons – for control of the imperial throne. But victory did not end their labors. The new Shogun was consumed by jealousy and the greed of power.

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The Adventures of Steamo The Wonder Crab 
by Michael Miller, M. Ed., M.S.                                 


Paperback – September 12, 2016
by Michael Miller, M.Ed, M.S. (Author), Minhee Choe (Editor), Jeffrey Vernon (Illustrator)

The Adventures of Steamo The Wonder Crab is the story of Steamo, a nine foot tall Magical Crab born in the waters of Fukushima in 2011. Steamo travels to America and along the way, meets Soberanis, a 1950's robot in the Gulf Of Mexico. He brings Soberanis to America and together they have adventures, observe contemporary America and make new friends. Enema Greg and Nurse Barb are a few of the "stray dogs" that Steamo attracts and together they philosophize about life and teach lessons to the good and bad people they encounter during their travels.




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Under The Shadow Of Death 
by Garabed Hagop Aaronan (Author), Delfina Marquez-Noe (Editor)

Garabed Hagop Aaronian was Armenian, yet served in the Turkish Army as an Engineer-Officer–this, in fact, is how he was able to survive and write Under The Shadow Of Death, his personal record of the Armenian genocide. His account takes an inside view of the atrocities he and many Armenians suffered. G.H. Aaronian vividly testifies to the horror of the torture and annihilation of his friends and family while describing moments of hope when he transformed the landscape of the genocide to help many people. He possessed a will to survive that was remarkable while earning credibility and respect from all those who came in contact with him. In his own words: "It is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and may God have mercy upon the souls of those innocent people, my people, who suffered and died, many not even give the dignity of a grave. Lest their memory be forgotten by those who escaped the Jehennem (hell or a place of suffering), and for the generations to come, LET THIS BE A REMINDER." Aaronian's story is a warning of the depravity of the human condition and the hope offered by those who stand against it.

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The Eighth Plague: A Political Thriller  by Kyle C. Fitzharris 

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Terry Riley can't seem to catch a break. As a senior political reporter for the Washington Post, he's received death threats and taken on his share of scumbags, but this day trumps it all. He's been skewered by corrupt local politician Senator Daniel Pritchard, served a court summons from his ex-wife, and discovered his girlfriend up and left, taking most of his stuff with her. Yep, a great day. Things are about to get worse. Riley decides to cover the first International Summit on the Environment in Mexico City. Despite still being a wanted man in Mexico, he burns to uncover the deceit surrounding Pritchard and heads south of the border. But when he arrives, he learns that thousands of Chiapas rebel villagers in the Mexican Badlands are being wiped out by a sadistic general and a mysterious epidemic, and he's landed smack in the middle of it all. Forced to align himself with a rebel leader to stay alive and to get his story, Riley is thrust into a web of political corruption, illegal drugs, and genocide. But this isn't new territory for jaded and cynical Riley, and he's about to get the story of his career…if he lives that long.

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A Time of War  by Michael Peterson 


The realities of a futile campaign are portrayed in this novel of the Vietnam War. The action ranges from the White House to the jungle, from the American Embassy in Saigon to the front lines. Michael Peterson has also written "The Immortal Dragon".

If you're looking for a Vietnam War novel, but you don't want to wade in too deep, this is perfect lightweight fare. Think of it as a cross between Tom Clancy and Graham Greene (see Orrin's review of The Quiet American)–with the civil servant as superhero trying to navigate a moral cesspool. Bradley Lawrence Marshall is the blue blood, war hero, diplomat who is sent to Vietnam as the personal emissary of President Johnson, to find a way out. In country, he meets with real figures like General Westmoreland, who tries to convince him everything is copacetic. But he also meets folks like: his driver, Corporal Mead, a decent though violent American lad of ambiguous sexuality, who is sick of the war; Lacouture, a flamboyant, Guy Burgess-like, Frenchman who sells information to all sides and loves Mead; and the insidious CIA station chief, Wilson Abbot Lord, who lives to fight the Communists and, fearing that Marshall will end the war, plots to kill him. And it's all set against the backdrop of the Tet Offensive.

The whole premise, of Johnson and a bureaucrat secretly planning an exit strategy, doesn't withstand much scrutiny and the stereotypes and clichés run rampant. But taken on its own terms, as a sort of politico-military potboiler with only mild pretensions of addressing issues in any serious way, it succeeds pretty well. It's certainly a more diverting read than many of the more critically acclaimed novels of the war.

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Recent titles include: "And What is Hell”, a true account of life in a mental institution and “The Adventures of Steamo the Wonder Crab”, a story of a 9’ tall magical crab whose philosophies of life are both brilliant and inspirational.

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